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Lo Presher is a traditional four piece rock band whose music also employs various organic & electronic percussion instruments. Most of these instruments were DIY electronics mounted to striking surfaces. These homemade instruments were constructed of skulls, bones, plant parts, junkyard metal, and other found objects. Lo Preshers’ music is definitely esoteric.


You may have seen or heard of Lo Presher in association with clean ocean causes like the Surfrider Foundation, extreme sports events (Vans North American Warped Tour), and surf films. (Surf NRG, Feral Kingdom, Fresh Clippings)

Lo Preshers healthy catalog of music and archived video footage is being payed out to fans as of July 15, 2020 with the release of their second studio album ICON JUNGLE. This release will be followed up by studio albums, live performances, and other recordings made on mediums like 2” tape, 4 track cassette tapes and more.

(From top left to right)

Patrick Wilkey (drums), Nathan Cranston (guitar) Thaddeus Cranston (Singer, Percussions), Jimi Beach (bass) 

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